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Mrs. Dianna Williams has been dancing since the age of four-years-old. Over the years Mrs. Williams has taken a plethora of dance classes including classes with Angie Luke School of Dance. Classes such as Ballet, Ballet Point, Beginner and Advanced Jazz, Modern Dance, Belly Dance, Beginner and Advanced Tap. She was also a member of the Dancing Dolls Drill Team 89-91 & Captain of the California State Dominguez Hills University Cheerleading Squad from 97-98. Mrs. D has also built up her name as  the Instructor/Sponsor/Choreographer of the Dancing Dolls Dance Team Jackson & Birmingham, established on August 20th, 2001 at Pied Piper Playhouse (Jackson) & November 7, 2015 (Birmingham), Founder/Choreographer for the Grove Park Dancerettes 2002-2004, Choreographer for the Callaway High School Chargettes 2006-2008, Founder/Choreographer for the Prancing Diamonds 2007, Vice President and Choreographer of the Jackson Association for Majorettes, Member of the JSU Modeling Squad, Sponsor/Costume Designer for the Jackson State University Twirlers 2004-2009, Costume Designer for Jackson State University Banner Girls from the 2007-2012, Co-Founder and coordinator for Kicks 4 Tatas Breast Cancer Awareness Majorette Event, Costume designer for the Alcorn State University Golden Girls 2013-present, creator of the Annual Buck or Die Majorette Training Camp, Creator of the Buck Or Die Annual Competition (In its 7th year), founder of DWilliams Dance Company 2016, Honorary member of Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority Theta Gamma Chapter 2015 at Alcorn State University,  owner of DD4L Entertainment, organizer of the Magic City Buckdown 2016, Motivational speaker, mentor, mother of a beautiful son Cobe Williams, wife of husband Robert L. Williams, Jr and Reality TV star of the hit series on Lifetime TV "BRING IT!" Dianna M. Williams is the newest member of the MSA Talent Agency in Los Angeles, California.


Mrs. Williams graduated from Jackson State University in May 2005 earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. She is a former Recreation Aide and Dance Instructor for the entire North side of Jackson, Mississippi. She began to build the dance program at Grove Park Community Center from 2001-2006. Dianna created the Grove Park  Dancerettes  in 2002-2004, trained dancers for  their middle and high school dance teams, organized and ran the Statewide Majorette Training Camp to prepare dancers for auditions for  community groups and collegiate dance squads. The dance program at Grove Park grew and up to Mrs. William’s departure from the City of Jackson in June 2007, classes were offered for ages 5-18. Classes offered consisted of: Beginner Jazz Funk, Hip-Hop, Beginner and Advanced Tap, Majorette Dance, Alternative Dance (Advanced Jazz & Advanced Majorette mixed) Pre-Tap and Pre-Jazz. Dianna’s greatest achievement in dance is the Dancing Dolls team. Dancing Dolls have grown to become a powerhouse organization that not only develops great dance techniques but great leaders and wonderful young entrepreneurs.

Within her personal dance career, Mrs. Williams has trained over 2000 dancers over the USA in various styles of dance. Mrs. Williams recently participated in a 30- city tour of the Hit Dance show Bring It Live where she greeted upwards of 2500+ fans per night where in this show  not only did she dance, she  hosted the 2 hour show each night in cities such as Dallas, Orlando, Tampa, Detroit, Atlanta to name a few. Dianna is most excited about the mini workshop she did with South African dancers during her time in Johannesburg, South Africa while working for Lifetime at Press Participation and marketing for Lifetime’s show Bring It!  Dianna is deep rooted in her faith in God and stepped out on faith and opened a dance studio of her very own in the heart of Jackson, MS named Dollhouse Dance Factory in 2010 and in Birmingham, AL Dollhouse Dance Factory 2 in 2015. Dollhouse Dance Factory opened its doors on August 23rd, 2010 with 23 students enrolled in its 1st semester and Dollhouse Dance Factory 2 opened its doors December 1, 2015 with 228 students. As the studios grew, Dollhouse 1 in its 2nd semester embodied 45 students and Now Dollhouse 2 embodies 150 students. To date, the Dollhouse 1 is in its 6th year and Dollhouse 2 will celebrate 1 year in 2016 with a total combined 350 students enrolled. The company intends to expand to Dallas & Atlanta within the next year. Dianna is most proud of her accomplishments and service to the youth. Children are her passion and reaching out and touching others is her gift from God.


Mrs. Williams has and continues to teach all of her students the importance of a good education, persistence, determination, great self-esteem, respectable manners and a positive self-worth. She is a phenomenal mentor that excels not only in her dance ability but also in her abilities to be hardworking, dependable and extremely likeable. Dianna is a great individual, her work is valuable and she is an extreme asset to all dance teams and choreographers she comes into contact with. Her tough coaching tactics and hard shelled demeanor makes her a force to be reckoned with in every aspect of her life and makes her the most respected coach in her field to date. ESPN’s article titled Dancing Dolls- The Undefeated “Dance Little Sister” showcases the heartfelt and humble beginnings of the values that Mrs. Dianna embodies and who she is as a coach and mentor. Dianna has been amongst and worked with the likes of TlC’s singer Chili, Dancer and choreographer Tanisha Scott, did training camps with the NFL Atlanta Falcon Cheerleaders, was a celebrity guest judge for the NFL Tennessee Titan Cheerleaders, was featured on Little Women LA as a special guest choreographer and more! Mrs. Dianna has paved the way for every majorette dance team to date and has given a voice to an untapped genre of dance that the world never even knew existed. Mrs. Dianna’s selfless behavior and endless acts of kindness have made her remarkable and memorable in every way. Because of her personal sacrifices early on so many young dancers now have a voice in a way they never had before. Mrs. Dianna has silenced all those who told her she would never make it in this world. With everything Mrs. Williams has accomplished and is still accomplishing she is making a lot of noise in the dance community. Through it all she remains humble, filled with joy and with undeniable perseverance because of God.

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