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Dancing Dolls is the hip hop majorette community based competition dance team who’s style is abrupt, aggressive and in your face. The Dolls have annual auditions for new members ages 5-18. Dancers must audition to become a member. Dancers aren’t required to have dance experience but it is helpful. Most Dolls have taken classes for at least one year at Dollhouse Dance Factory. All prospective and current  Dolls must complete the audition process and be selected as a member by a panel of judges. The Dolls participate in parades, competitions, basketball games, football games and more. The Dancing Dolls of Jackson are featured on Lifetime’s hit television show, "BRING IT!" The Dancing Dolls Monthly Membership fee is $40. Click here for audition information.

Baby Dancing Dolls was founded August 23, 2004. The Baby Dolls are the smaller and younger members of the Dancing Dolls Family. The Baby Dancing Dolls range from ages 5-12 years of age. The Baby Dancing Dolls compete in competition, participate in showcases and parades. The Baby Dancing Dolls have won countless trophies and numerous Grand Champion Trophies. The Baby Dancing Dolls are also featured on Lifetime's TV Show "Bring It!" Baby Dancing Doll Monthly Membership fee is $40. Click here for audition information.




Dancing Dolls and Baby Dancing Dolls of Birmingham were founded November 7, 2015. The Birmingham Doll Family consists of a total of 60 members. The Birmingham Dancing Dolls compete in competitions, participate in showcases and have appeared on Lifetime's hit TV Show "Bring It" numerous times. The Birmingham Dolls secured their first Grand Champion Title after only 10 months of its foundation. The Birmingham Dolls are an upcoming and dominant organization just like their big sister squad the Dancing Dolls of Jackson, MS. Doll Monthly Membership fee is $40. For more audition information, click here.


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